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We’re up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and this year, as well as our Fringe staple The Improvised Musical, we have a brand new scripted Musical – Therapy.

The Improvised Musical

Sell-out Fringe hit returns. A completely original musical each night based on audience suggestions. Hilarious and unpredictable, The Improvised Musical promises to surprise everyone. The performers will create extraordinary characters and weave them into a comical and unexpected story, where the actors themselves may be unable to predict the ending! In true musical theatre fashion, actors may break into song at any moment and the talented live band will join them to spontaneously write a brand new musical number.


A groundbreaking scripted musical debut. A tormented story of two people discovering their place in a fractured world. Confronted with the stark reality of why we are who we are, what shapes us and what moulds the fall out of our lives, a father and a doctor stand painfully lost six years later. A pedigree of Edinburgh Fringe artists come together to create a blistering story wound with a powerful score. Brutal, beautiful and not to be missed.